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Allstate Life and Disability Insurance

Life Insurance

At Nicholas Insurance, we know that while life insurance might be a solemn topic, it’s an important way to protect your family’s financial future. Without life insurance, an untimely or unexpected death brings financial hardship on the spouse or children you’ve left behind.

Consider this – without your income, could your family afford your mortgage payments, groceries, and other necessary expenses? Life insurance is a relatively inexpensive, responsible way to honor the trust that your family has placed in you.

We offer several types of life insurance options, and we would be happy to help you select a policy that meet your current needs and budget. And rest assured – if you can’t be there for your family, Allstate can. With an eighty-year legacy of being there when people need us most, Allstate life insurance is one more way to keep your family in good hands. Call us today at (717) 764-2024 or (717) 755-5858!

Accident & Disability Insurance


Even if you’ve planned for the worst, injuries and sickness can also leave you without income. Even if you’re only temporarily out of work, your mortgage and other bills won’t wait for your recovery.

At Nicholas Insurance, we can provide the answer. Disability insurance provides you with the coverage that you need for your basic expenses – so you’ll be focused on your recovery and not your finances. We’ll work within your budget to provide the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

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